Top lock locksmith

Top lock locksmith is the company to trust when it comes to the security of your house or business. Our quality of life is profoundly impacted by the security of our loved ones and our possessions. We make every effort to provide you with any and all security services you may need. We take pride in the satisfaction our customers express after using our services. Because of this, we provide a 12-month guarantee for all of our services. Doors have been shown to be the most frequent site of entry for thieves in recent years. “Yale” locks are the industry standard; they consist of a bolt that must be retracted from the door jamb (the vertical part of the door frame) using either a knob or a key on the inside.  The keeper (bolt) in such locks is often only held in place by two or three screws, making them easy to pick despite their prevalence. In contrast, mortise locks’ superior security is attributable to the bolt’s integration into the door jamb rather than its attachment through screws. These doors lock automatically and need a key to open in order to deter thieves from smashing the glass panel and twisting the handle from the inside.  The central locking mechanism is often coupled to two additional bolts that extend into the top and bottom door jamps, making this a secure lock commonly used on modern aluminum or PVC doors.  If your windows don’t already have locks, you should get ones if they’re large enough that someone might escape through them.

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